July 5, 2019
2 months and 12 days left
until our celebration.
Hey everyone! Our page is up and running! 

At the July 4th Meeting it was decided that the Hasbargen Family Reunion would occur on July 5 – 7, 2019 in Birchdale, MN, at the community center.  On Friday night, July 5, families can start camping at the community center, but food and entertainment would be on your own.  The Reunion would officially start Saturday morning, July 6 and go through Sunday July 7th until 12 Noon, after a church service.

Here is what we need:  Volunteers!

We need Volunteers to form the following committees:
  1. Food
  2. Events
  3. Communication
  4. Facilities
  5. Special “things”
  6. Other ideas?
Here were some of the ideas shared at the July 4th meeting,
  1. Ideas for food:
    1. The four family’s (Kenny’s, Albert’s, Alvin’s and Charlies – Theresa’s to join one of the four) would each take a meal; Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday supper and Sunday Breakfast.
    2. Two families would work together take each of two breakfasts, with the Saturday lunch and Supper catered (tickets would be sold)
    3. Other ideas?
  2. Ideas for Events
    1. Family Softball tournament
    2. Cribbage tournament
    3. Memory boards
    4. Corn hole toss tournament
    5. Face Painting
    6. Evening Program where each family put something together (signing, etc.)
  3. Needs regarding Communication
    1. Keeping this site updated
    2. Getting people to the site to update names / address etc.
    3. Sending updates to everyone
    4. For those who do not have access, getting address and info to them and from them.
  4. Ideas for Facilities
    1. Set up / clean up
  5. Ideas for Special “things”
    1. T-Shirts
    2. Family Cookbook
    3. Name tags
    4. Family Tree display
Next Steps:
  1. It would be nice if each family had volunteers in each committee. Please discuss with your family and let me know if you are interested.  This can’t happen unless we have a lot of people help. 
    1. I have set up an e-mail account that can be used for communication.  It is hasbargenfamily@gmail.com
    2. Volunteers are needed to run each committee and be ultimately responsible for the work that comes out of each committee.
  2. This site (myevent.com) can act as the location to gather names and addresses, so please start by inputting your information and sending out info to others.  It can also keep track of the number of persons who will be attending.
  3. This site can also handle the finances; purchasing tickets (if we cater), purchasing t-shirts, etc.  I am working on setting up a bank account for the financial end, and will keep you posted. This page costs money to have on a yearly basis, so donations would also be helpful once the bank account is set up. 
  4. Anyone interested in being a “project manager” to keep track of the committee’s work and set timelines for when things need to happen?
  5. I hope to send out communication in the next month to everyone on who has volunteered and additional next steps. 
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