July 5, 2019
12 days since
our celebration.

May 5, 2019 Note:

A "head count" is needed for ordering food on Saturday!  If you have not already, please go to the Albert and Anna Hasbargen Descendants Family Reunion  Facebook page and let us know you are comming.  If you are not on Facebook - please e-mail Carrie Hasbargen that you will be coming (and how many will be coming).  Carrie can be reached at: cmhasbargen@gmail.com


Note from April 7, 2019 from Carrie Hasbargen

With the reunion only three months away here's an update of family reunion details.

Current schedule of events:

  • Friday, July 5 will be registration and set up camp (self-contained camping/campers spots available). We will have a bonfire with a weiner roast. Families are responsible for their own food and beverages.
  • Saturday, July 6 will start with the Birchdale free-will offering Breakfast from 7:00-10:00 followed by games and activities throughout the day. We will have a program at 5:00 p.m. followed by supper at 6:00 p.m. We our working on details to have a dance from 8:00 - 12:00 midnight. West of the Border will be on the grounds in the afternoon preparing our supper and will also have a limited concession stand menu including soda pop and water for purchase during the day. West of the Border will be catering our supper. Lemonade and water will be provided during the meal, all other beverages will be BYOB.
  • Sunday, July 7 will start with a brunch followed by a Worship Service to close out the reunion.

Each family is asked to make a picture panel including weddings, births. family gatherings, graduations, etc..... to display in the hall during the reunion. Please include names, so we can get to know every ones growing family. Please mount them on stiff poster board or science fair style boards so they stand up.

Family responsibilities are:

  • Kenneth's family will be in charge of the Sunday morning Worship per Wesley's commitment.
  • Alvin's family will be in charge of Friday nights bonfire and Sunday's Brunch.
  • Albert's family will be in charge of games and activities.
  • Charles's family will be responsible for registration, Saturday's program, family history, collecting money for Saturday's supper and grounds fees.
  • Theresa's family help with facility and grounds clean up.

Anyone who wants or has any family history they would like to share are welcome to share.

Each family has a representative organizing family t-shirts.

I will need a head count for the supper as the reunion draws closer.

Once again I ask that you share this with family members who are not on Facebook or get me (Carrie) their e-mail address, so I can share it with them.

I have probably missed some details so please let me know if you can think of anything else.

Carrie can be reached at: cmhasbargen@gmail.com.

Note from Carrie Hasbargen:

The descendants of Albert and Anna Hasbargen will get together for a weekend of fun, food, games, singing, and fellowship! We will start Fri, evening with registration and getting settled in. There is room on the grounds for self-contained camping. Saturday will be the "Main Event" day! Here's what has been planned so far: West of the Border (Tim Anderson's catering) will do supper Saturday night and possibly other food at his trailer throughout the day, families can bring whatever yard games they would like to share (I will provide a volleyball net and balls), we will take advantage of the Birchdale Breakfast (free-will offering) Fundraiser Saturday morning. Watch for more details that will be posted as plans evolve. Postcards will be mailed soon to each of the cousins so you can get them to your children and family, but please share this with any of your family members that are not on my invite list in the mean time. If you can't share it with members of your family who are not on my friends list, please let me know, I would like to make at least one member of each family a co-host, so let me know if you are willing to be that person. 

Note from Carrie Hasbargen:

In order to make this event a huge success I will need some help with reunion idea and some planning. I am thinking about assigning each family a certain task e.g. Charles Hasbargen families: Food and facility, Kenny Hasbargen families: Sunday worship service, Albert Hasbargen families: activities, games etc... and Alvin Hasbargen families: Saturday's program and memorabilia. I need some feedback on this idea, so please let me know what you think.
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